• Did you know?

    ((Diabetes was unknown in Lakota people 100 years ago))

    Today Diabetes.

    it is a leading cause of death, kidney failure, heart disease, blindness, amputations, and deafness.

    What Changed?.

    What we eat & Physical ActivityFoods high in fat & sugar. No activity. Changing these things TODAY so we can be diabetes free.

    Making Change

    RST DPP is committed to assist the people of the Sicangu Nation.

    New Generation of Health & Wellness

  • What are you craving?

    ((Eat Healthy, Exercise Regularly, and Visit your Doctor Once a Year!))

    French Fries ?Try

    Carrot Fries: Drizzle with Olive Oil, add spice, bake 20mins.


    Cheesecake flavored yogurt has .5g fats 25.6g fat from regular cheesecake.

    Cheese Burger?Try

    Grilled Turkey Burger. Spruce it up with spices and green onions, make it your own.

    Click here for healthy alternatives

  • ChoicesMenus

    ((Benefits of Daily Exercise & Key points to eating right!))

    Daily Exercise Menu.

    Reduces heart disease, keeps weight control, more energy, stress relief, & builds muscle strength.

    Daily healthy food

    More fiber, more fruits & veggies, drink water, balance food plate & use healthy cooking methods.

    Diabetes Risk Test.

    Answer just a few questions in the privacy of your home and find out what your Diabetes Risk is!

    Take the Risk Test

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