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Policy Statement

Exercise is the mainstay for prevention as well as treatment of Diabetes. It is imperative that participants can exercise in a safe and supportive environment. To ensure safety, participants must have an annual assessment.

Age Restrictions

ONLY ages 14 and older can use the Wellness Center.

by pediatrician recommendations. We do not have age appropriate equipment. No childcare services will be provided at the Wellness Center. Children may not be left in the waiting area unless supervised by an adult.


Orientation to the various exercise equipment will be based on the participant's ability to use the equipment, i.e., if a participant has mobility impairment, they will NOT start on treadmill or stair climber, but rather may be more comfortable and safer beginning on the recumbent exercise bike. Fitness goals (2nd assessment) will be re-evaluated 90 days after a client's first assessment goals. After goals are reached, measurements will be done annually to assure sustainability of previous goals.


Review annual assessment MUST be updated yearly. participants are responsible to report changes in their health status to the fitness staff:

Gym Rules

  1. Participants are required to Sign-in and -out of the facility after each use.

  2. Staff oversees the stereo and the TV's.

  3. No music with inappropriate language.

  4. Respect other participants and Diabetes Prevention Program staff.

  5. No profanity allowed.

  6. The wellness center is not an allergen free environment.

  7. Clients will not be allowed to train other clients for compensation.

  8. Participant will receive assistance in developing achievable goals.

  9. Orientation will be provided on first time check-in and -out process, with instructions on how to use the equipment, upon request.

  10. Do not linger on the equipment. No client should monopolize the equipment or weights. If there is a problem with this, please let the staff know.


Bathrooms Available

Not open to the public, for participants ONLY.

Showers Available

Please bring your own products, towels and shower sandals.

Lockers Available

Please bring your own lock and take you items with you when you are finished.

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